Centurion: A UK Centrifuge Manufacturer

Centurion Scientific; a leading UK manufacturer of centrifuges with over 27 years of excellence. We are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certified; our centrifuges are extremely high quality, composed of only the best materials, skilfully crafted in a modern design from high strength alloys and steel.

High Quality Products You Can Trust

We were assessed and approved by the CQS Ltd to develop, manufacture and supply laboratory top centrifuges. Our standard barrier ring is built to enhance safety. In the unlikely event of a rotor explosion, fragments could become devastating projectiles thanks to the g-force causing them to become drastically heavier (possibly 1-3 tons). Our barrier ring will protect the operator from harm containing any projectiles safely within.

Our stainless steel bowls are made from only the best quality materials. They are all batch tested for corrosion with a 25% salt solution for 24 hours and are much thicker than most standard centrifuge bowls.

To further demonstrate our commitment to safety, our lid locks come standard to all models and a sensor inside the lock will not allow the unit to run unless it is correctly closed.

If you would like to learn more about the quality of our products, please read this highly informative PDF.

Made In The UK Sold Worldwide

At Centurion we build high quality centrifuges right here in Bosham, West Sussex. Our technological designs are truly in a league of their own. Designed by our extremely talented CEO, C J Priestley, our designs pioneer the advancement of science. Our centrifuges embrace new safety features, yet our designs still posses the familiar functionality of traditional models and remain as simple to use as ever.

Even though we are based in the UK, our international presence is considerably large. We have a vast group of distributors carefully selected across the world. Our highly knowledgeable business partners are fully equipped to give you all the advice you need in making your decision.

We currently have 10 models available, manufactured here in the UK, yet sold worldwide.

General laboratories
Industrial, Water, Science

Research, R&D, Universities
BioScience, Pharmaceuticals

GP, Clinical, Hospitals
Biochemistry, Blood Labs

Cytology, Histology
Smear, Pap tests

Oil testing, Petroleum
Heated Centrifuges

Molecular Gastronomy
Food Centrifuges

Plasma rich Protein
Injury, Beauty treatment

Veterinary clinics
Animal testing

Road testing
Tarmac analysis

Education, Schools
Easy use Centrifuges