Pro-ASTM Centrifuges

Purpose-made Oil Testing Centrifuge designed for ASTM applications and other applications where oil is tested, either heated or non-heated. Our Pro-ASTM range is ideal for the petroleum laboratory.

The Pro-ASTM range are strong and durable with the highest safety features. All have bright blue LED or touch screen LCD displays for clarity.

The centrifuges are commonly used to measure: water and sediment in crude oil, fuel oil and middle distillate fuel; the precipitation number of lubricating oils and insolubles in used lubricating oils.

These centrifuges were designed with the following ASTM methods in mind:
ASTM D1290, ASTM D1796, ASTM D1966, ASTM D2273, ASTM D2709, ASTM D2711, ASTMD4007, ASTM D5546, ASTM D893, ASTM D91, ASTM D96

FTM 791, Methods 3000, 3003, 3004, 3101, 3121, 5661.
API 2542, 2548

ISO 3734, ISO 9030DIN 51793 NF M 07-020

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